Students & Teaching

Teaching – no teaching at the moment, but I’m planning some Level 10 modules for 2016/2017

Current Postdoc Staff

  • Alex Ter-Sarkisov – Neural Image Processing for Ag-ICT
  • Hector Franco – Data Analytics
  • Patrick Jackman – Agricultural Analytics

Current PhD Students

  • Giancarlo Salton – Idiom Token in Machine Translation
  • Guanhong Zhang – Language Alignment for Under Resourced MT
  • Eoin Rogers – Activity Discovery
  • Magdalena Kacmajor – Language Sense Embeddings
  • Senja Trinh – RNN Dialogue Modelling
  • Irene Li – Domain Adaptation for Language Resources
  • Fei Wang – Robustness of Unsupervised Training for DNNs
  • Patricia O’Byrne – High Dimensional Feature Combination for Reseeding Prediction

Research Projects

Some research projects that I’m involved with:

  • SmartSeg – EI Funded 2015- (PI)- In this project we are building upon existing work from the CeADAR Technology centre with our industrial partner Nathean Technologies.
  • CeADAR – Enterprise Ireland Technology Centre 2014 – 2019. (PI). CeADAR is the National Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research run by DIT and our colleagues in UCD. In CeADAR we specialize in advanced analytics including visualization, predicative analytics, and unsupervised learning.
  • ADAPT – Science Foundation Ireland Centre 2015 -2020 (FI). ADAPT is a SFI funded research centre that specializes in Adaptive Media. In SFI I work with colleagues in Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, and University College Dublin on projects involving Dialogue Management, Unsupervised Learning, and Resource Adaptation.
  • Precision Poultry – EI Funded 2016-2018 (PI). In this project we are looking at the optimization of environmental controls through visual monitoring technology.

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